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Land of Bari

City of art, seaside resorts, quality villages, typical cities, tourist cities.

Between the Adriatic Sea and the Ofanto, in a vast quadrilateral between the territories of the Daunia and the Salentini of the Messapic threshold, the Earth of Bari emerges, constituted by a series of steps that, over time, have created the Murge and the gentle slopes towards the sea. Bari and its province have developed using the resources coming from the Adriatic, through the trade and the relations with the Eastern Mediterranean, and from the hills characterizing this karst territory, thanks to the cultivation and breeding.
Even today these landscapes keep intact the signs of man and time: along the plateau you can admire kilometers of dry stone walls that surround the private properties scattered with trulli, the splendid Romanesque Cathedrals, which here have seen their maximum splendor , and the precious castles, among which the Federicians stand out. Of particular interest in this area is the presence of the Alta Murgia National Park.

Art City
Among the most beautiful cities of the entire region you can admire the splendid Putignano, with valuable works by the famous Stefano da Putignano and Conversano with the Castle and the Museum Pole. Alberobello is certainly interesting, thanks to the trulli it became a World Heritage Site in 1996

Beach resorts
Particularly beautiful and crystalline is the Adriatic coast of the Bari coast, which includes major cities such as Monopoli and Molfetta, also interesting for the important ports and for the active shipyards. Polignano is also very beautiful, where you can admire the splendid San Vito Abbey

Quality villages
Locorotondo is among the quality villages. Located in the Valle d’Itria, it is part of the southeastern area of ​​the Murge dei Trulli. It presents a valuable historical center with a characteristic circular shape and a Chiesa Madre, dedicated to S. Giorgio, dating back to the XVII century

City of typicality
On a trip to the Land of Bari it is advisable to taste the delicious olives of Bitetto, the dairy products of Gioia del Colle and Putignano and the bread of Altamura. The oil produced in Corato, Bitonto and Ruvo is also highly prized. The wine produced in Locorotondo, recognized as PDO, is particularly well known

Tourist cities
The cities of Gravina in Puglia, Noci and Bari are very beautiful and touristically important. Above all in the regional capital it is possible to visit important historical monuments such as Palazzo Simi, the Swabian Castle and the Basilica of San Nicola and appreciate the fine collections preserved in the Provincial Art Gallery. in the Cathedral Museum

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Bari is a hospitable and creative city, to be discovered. Art, shopping, music and taste await you in an amazing city.

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