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The Swabian Castle

Medieval Castle of Frederick II of Swabian

The castle was built by the Normans in the XII century and restored by Frederick II between 1233 and 1240. The castle, located in a central area of the chief town in Puglia, is a spectacular testimony to medieval construction that offers tourists the chance to visit one of the most interesting fortresses in the region. You can admire the stone bridge which leads to the castle, the corner embankments.
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The Basilica of S. Nicola

The hystorical centre of bari

The building has a basilica-style structure with three naves and a continual transcept ending in three apses of simple Benedictine design. The transcept consists of an enormous tripartite chamber with two transverse arcades showing the cross and connected by arches on top of which a cupola should rise but was never built. The gallery originally designed for women, however, is of Nordic derivation, the first of its kind to appear in Puglia.
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Polignano a mare

A Glimpse of Polignano

Polignano a Mare, birth city of the Italian singer Domenico Modugno, is situated approximately thirty kilometres from the main town of Puglia. Polignano a Mare is a town that rises out of the cliff face and, given its strategic position, has always been considered a doorway to the Mediterranean and the East, as well as an important junction and meeting point for a diverse range of cultures.
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Castellana's urban settlement

Castellana Grotte

Castellana stands 290 meters above sea level in Bari province inland, on the edge of a closed karstic hollow. Historical sources testify the presence of a urban settlement known as Castellano back during the X Century. The village was abandoned in 1310, when the population moved to the area where Castellana rises today.
The town was donated by Norman Count Goffredo to the Benedictine convent of Conversano, under which civil and religious dominion Castellana remained until 1400s.
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