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The city of Trulli

“Monti” and “Aia Piccola” are the most ancient and characteristic zones in Alberobello. In quarter “Monti”, composed of 1030 trulloes with their characteristic original structures, there are “siamese trulloes” with double-cone roofs, low fireplaces and no windows. The history of this type of trullo is tightly connected with the never-ending fight between love and hatred. On the contrary, “Aia piccola” quarter is characterized by evocative and fully preserved narrow, winding alleyways.
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Castel del Monte


In 1046 the city was under the reign of Peter the Norman and became “civitas”, fortified with a circle of walls and 12 watchtowers. Andria became Ghibelline in 1200 and was faithful to Frederick II of Swabia. In 1350 and 1370 it suffered two assaults, the first of which, at the hands of Lombard and German mercenaries, was particularly damaging.
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The white city

Ostuni is a very fine little town with many important buildings that witness its rich history. Let us just recall the Spire of Sant’Oronzo, the Old Town Hall and the many churches, such as Saint Francis, Saint Spirit, Saint Peter, the Purgatory, Saint Vitus, Martyr, the Cathedral, the Bishop’s Palace, the Church of the Star. Among the buildings, worthwhile mentioning is above all the Municipal Villa “Umberto I”, built in 1917, with a wonderful garden where many exotic trees were planted and still thrive today.
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