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Land of Bari: City of arts, Seaside resorts, Top-class villages, Cities of typical products, Tourist cities.

Between the Adriatic sea and the Ofanto, in a large quadrilateral area included between the territories of Daunia and Salento’s soglia messapica, the Land of Bari is composed  of a series of steps which in time have created the Murge and the gentle slopes leading to the sea. Bari and its province developed thanks to the resources coming from the Adriatic sea, through trade and the relations to the Eastern Mediterranean, and from the hills characterising the karst territory thanks to agriculture and cattle breeding. The territory still maintains the signs of the activities of human beings and time: in the whole plateau, not exceeding 700 metres of altitude, kilometres of dry walls mark the boundaries of private estates interspersed with trulli, wonderful Romanesque cathedrals which have reached their highest development here, and the beautiful castles, in particular those of the time of Frederick II. Mention must be made of the National Park of Alta Murgia.

City of arts

The most beautiful cities of the region include Barletta and Trani, with their wonderful Romanesque cathedrals, Andria and its cathedral and impressive Putignano, which hosts remarkable masterpieces by Stefano da Putignano. Also Alberobello is very interesting thanks to its trulli, which were acknowledged the status of heritage of mankind in 1996
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Seaside resorts

Along the coast of Bari the Adriatic sea is particularly beautiful and crystal clear in important cities such as Monopoli and Molfetta, which are worth mentioning also because of their important ports and busy shipyards. Polignano is also very beautiful: the wonderful San vito abbey can be visited there
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Top-class villages

Top-class villages include Locorotondo, marked by a picturesque city centre characterised by a peculiar round shape, and Bisceglie, which hosts important aristocratic buildings in its medieval centre. Mention must also be made of the Majellaro city archaeological museum, the Museum of the sea and the Torre Maestra hosting the Ethnographic Museum
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Cities of typical products

A journey in the Land of Bari must include tasting the famous almond sweets of Andria, the delicious olives of Bitetto, the dairy products of Gioia del Colle and Putignano and the bread from Altamura. Moreover, the olive oil produced in Corato, Bitonto, Minervino and Ruvo is excellent. The PDO wine produced in Locorotondo is also very famous
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Tourist cities

The cities of Trani, Andria and Bari are beautiful and play an important role from the tourist viewpoint. In particular, in Bari important historical monuments can be visited, such as Palazzo Simi, the castello svevo and the Basilica di San Nicola and precious artistic collections are hosted in the Provincial Painting Gallery and the Museum of the cathedral
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